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Tashkent region

Higher Educational Institution

Tashkent State Agrarian University was founded as other universities in Tashkent region which belongs to Uzbekistan State University named by Mirzo Ulugbek. Tashkent Institute of Agriculture was established on 26 May 1930. On 11 April 1991 it was converted into a university, its present form. In 1991 the name -”The only agrarian university on Central Asia” was given to the University. In a short time it found its place as a top university if agriculture sector because of helpful staff, intelligent student and of course, attention from the government.

In 1969 there were special laboratories in the university and special courses in practical skills were established in the university. The number of students rose from 80 in 1930 to 1303 in 1980. During 1933-2008 there were part time programmes in the university. During last 8 decades university has considered as a leader in the sphere of quality candidates in agriculture sector. There are also research facilities in all departments in the university. In 1940 assembly of scientist were organised in order to check the quality of dissertations from students.

Nowadays, 90 % of teachers and 70 % of students are involved in research. Topics of these dissertations are devoted to top research problematic themes and their solutions. During 2008 there were 22 research for Uzbekistan grants and 8 for International grants.

Within the university territory there are number of special places and laboratories in order to test different researches without going outside of the university. They are: Plant biotechnology, biologic plant protection, Bio centre and others.

There are many agreements with 16 local and 18 international higher educational institutions during independence years. There are also facilities for student to study abroad and exchange their skills in agriculture sector.

In order to make application these documents are required from candidates:

  • Application form
  • Original copy of diploma from lyciem or special secondary education;
  • Medical certificate “086/U”;
  • Passport;
  • 6 photos (3,5×4,5 sm);
  • The certificate from Army mobilization division.
  • The original certificates or diplomas from Local and International Olympiads and competetions which can give the right to be accepted without entrance exams


Address: Home 2A, University stree, Tashkent city, Uzbekistan
Close to: TashGRES microdistrict

Phone: (+998 71) 260 48 00
Fax: (+998 71) 260 38 60


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