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Social protection of the population, construction and infrastructure activities under focus

Social protection of the population, construction and infrastructure activities under focus
On April 20, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev chaired a videoconference on the issues of ensuring full-fledged activity of industrial enterprises, construction industry and infrastructure.

As a result of timely measures taken against the coronavirus epidemic, many regions of Uzbekistan were able to protect themselves fr om this threat. Despite this, enterprises in most regions and districts have stopped working or are not functioning at full capacity. This situation has a negative impact on the economy and social sphere, on the life of the population of the regions.

At the meeting, the Head of the state focused on supporting socially vulnerable segments of the population.

The need for further expanding the scope of targeted provision of food and medicine for people in need and temporarily unemployed families was noted.

The number of unemployed people and in need of assistance increases due the pandemic. Countries of the world, along with countering the disease, are using all opportunities to save jobs and prevent crisis in the economy.

This complex process has affected Uzbekistan as in the whole world. Uzbekistan has enough reserves and opportunities to provide people and support the economy.

In this regard, and taking into account historical and moral values of our people, their generosity and care, the President forwarded a proposal to form “Kindness and Support” Nationwide Movement.

“Holy month for all of us, Ramadan, is coming soon. Helping low-income and needy families during this period is a good deed. Therefore, it will be very helpful if entrepreneurs take on the selfless duty to actively support socially vulnerable population in the territory wh ere they work”, says the Head of the state.

As a result, charity and sponsorship provided in the month of Ramadan will be targeted, funds and products spent on iftar will be sent to those in need.

An entrepreneur, based on his capabilities, can help 10 families a month, another entrepreneur – 20, could hire members of a family in need. The state, in turn, will provide such entrepreneurs with various benefits and preferences on taxes, leasing, loans, and access to necessary resources. Thus, the state will provide support to the population through business entities.

It was noted that the voluntary participation of large enterprises and their local divisions, farmers and clusters is important in this process.

It was noted that this initiative will be implemented in cooperation with the territorial branches of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, banks, social protection agencies.

“I am sure that “Kindness and Support” Nationwide Movement will become a vivid manifestation of power of our state and people”, says the President.

Source: UzA

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